A big thank you to Deputy Chief Burnett

First all I would like to recognize Deputy Chief Burnett, for his great effort in making sure all of our equipment was well organized and maintained for an event like last evening. Also I would like thank Chief Moore From Creston FD, who also spent a good part of the evening assisting us.

Deputy Chief Burnett and I toured South of the border this afternoon and got a good perception of what our friends to the South had to deal with. The fire crossed the river in 2 separate locations, the fire burnt to the north west, not to the north east as we thought was happening last night. I can not stress enough, what an outstanding job the US firefighters did under very adverse conditions. Without their brave effort, I have no doubt in my mind that things would have turned out much differently.

We also need to recognize what a fabulous job US Homeland Security and Canadian Border Services did in getting civilians and fire fighters across the border in a safe manner and without delay.

This fire is far from over, adverse wind conditions or more lightning could change the course of this fire in a instant.

Currently we do not have fire crews stationed at the firehall. All members are on call and are ready to deploy at a moment’s notice.

We will keep updating this page as information comes into us.

Please be safe and responsible.

Fire Chief Guthrie

Note from Chief Guthrie Regarding current fire condition in Hall Mountain, Idaho


I attended a meeting on Tuesday evening at the Hall Mountain Fire Station to get some information on the fire burning to the South of us. Here is what was presented to the group. As of Aug. 11 the fire has grown to 702 acres and is 0% contained, they have identified 38 structures at risk, and 10 utilities. The US Forest Service has brought in some of their top attack teams from Montana, and according their web site they now have 58 personal on the fire, air craft have been working the fire as smoke and weather conditions allow. Hall Mountain has set up water supplies and is ready to assist where needed to protect structures should the need arise.

This was a lightening strike fire, and contrary to the rumours fire personal have been on this fire from the start.

Our friends to the South may very well need help from the Canyon Lister FD, as we have a signed mutual aid agreement with them, I have offered to send them our spare tender and 2 personal to shuttle water for the residential sprinklers if needed. Any members who would be interested in helping need to bring me a copy of their passports for processing with the US authorities. Hall Mountain will be sending 2 members to our sprinkler unit training on Aug 13.

A good point to remember, this lightening strike could have been on the mountains behind our homes. We need to be vigilant in checking out every report of smoke or fires, and ask the community not to hesitate to call us if someone is burning or if they see something suspicious – Chief Guthrie


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